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SIU Blog Post Translation Chapter 530

Season 3 Chapter 113

CH# 529

Hello ^^, it's Monday again

Today, I drew Mr

Ha with one-tone gradation coloring

This kind of coloring works best when the background is realistic, but since I can't do that due to copyright issues (even though this work is not commercial), I just tried to make similar vibes hehe

If I ever end up working on something more realistic, I want to do more studies on it

I drew it like this is Mr

Ha in his 20's and 30's

but it doesn't look like much has changed heh

​Recently Mr

Ha just can't catch a break when it comes to his arms heh

Lorewise, he got weaker from his peak days, but he is still a strong High Ranker, especially when it comes to close combat

He does take the hit when he's faced with things like Kallavan's max-level defense, Arie swords, or Shinwonryu, but the way the match-ups work, he would be able to beat easily those who Kallavan would have a hard time fighting in a 1v1 matchup

Since there's been a lot of battles between High Rankers, I wonder how big the scale should be

This is a battle between lore and aesthetic, so sometimes aesthetic wins, sometimes the lore wins

​Since COVID's making it's round again these days, I'm seeing a few people around me coming down with it as well

Everyone, please be careful

I'm finding that I'm not meeting too many people these days either

This is why you should read webtoons, to stave off the loneliness hehe

I am able to work and interact with you guys online, but I want to see everyone being able to laugh and chat without worry outside

I'll draw my webtoon week by week while waiting for that day to come

​I hope you enjoyed this week as well, I'll be back next week

I hope you have a happy and healthy week ^^

​Thank you!


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CH# 529
SIU Blog Post Translation Chapter 530

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