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SIU Blog Post Translation Chapter 529

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Hello, it's Monday once more ^^

Today's doodle is the style I used to use for my illustrations

It took more time than I thought it would, but it was fun because it felt like I was actually painting for once instead of coloring in webtoons

​When I'm working on the webtoon, it's very rare that I do the line art, setting the color scheme, and the finishing, but when I end up doing all of it myself, it makes me look back on my skills

Drawing, no matter how long, is always something new, always fun

Even last week the weather was quite chaotic, but this weekend seems to be a bit warmer

Still, it's rained so you should be careful

Since my office is near the waterfront, I'm already starting to get mosquitos, so I'm worrying how many more there will be once it becomes summer hehe

​This week, we have elected the president that will lead our country from now on

It isn't my place to talk about this in detail, but I do hope that he will take care of everyone with peace and love

​I hope you enjoyed this week's chapter, as well as hope that you have a happy and healthy week, and I will be back next week

I hope that this spring, all the hate and suffering spreading in the world right now can be vanquished

I will see you next week

Thank you ^^


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CH# 528
CH# 530
SIU Blog Post Translation Chapter 529

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