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SIU Blog Post Translation Chapter 528

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^^ Today, I brought over a small portion of something I'm drawing

Although I've done illustration work besides the covers for the hard copy releases, but it's been a while since I'm doing this kind of a thing for an event

Drawing things are always fun, but it's a different kind of fun to draw something you haven't drawn in a while

I've drawn for a long time now, but I still enjoy drawing

​This week, I participated in Early Voting

Since there could be a lot of people on Election Day which could impact my work, I got it out of the way early

I've voted in quite a few presidential elections too

and now I understand why our elders go "Whoever you vote it's all the same" hehe

But at the same time, I went to vote with a mind set of "Let's at least complain after making a vote rather than not making a vote" haha

(I will complain later

) Perhaps that shows you just how difficult it is to please everyone as a President

Whoever is elected, since it is the will of the people, I hope that this one will be someone that the people can say we picked well

I thought the weather was getting warmer, but it's also really windy

I think the last cold wave is passing, everyone please dress warm and keep yourselves healthy

I went out lightly dressed and oh boy did I suffer for it, haha

almost caught a cold

Well, I'll work hard to come back next week

I hope you have a happy and healthy week

​ Thank you!


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CH# 527
CH# 529
SIU Blog Post Translation Chapter 528

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