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SIU Blog Post Translation Chapter 527

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Hello everyone, it's Tower of God, back once more for another Monday.

This week my wrist wasn't doing too good so I thought about skipping the picture, but then I realized I really should draw him today,

so... I drew Traumerei while also doing some research and experimenting with inking styles.

​I gave it a more pencil-like feel to it, using a chalk style that's slightly more firm than my usual doodles,

but once you get to coloring, it becomes torture so I'll need to research it a bit more.

Since I've been drawing Tower of God for so long, I can't really change it beyond developing the style further,

but I think it's still important to find your style a variety of ways.

For the color scheme, since Traumerei wears such dark-feeling cyberpunk clothes,

I gave him colors I think are going to be trending this spring (although green is already trending I think).

​In terms of content, this flashback had significant portions already pre-drawn during the hiatus,

believe it or not. At the time, I was thinking that I should progress the plot in the past somewhat and match the present accordingly.

It ended up getting me to save the flashback portion in parts.

That's why you see my style shift around back and forth somewhat.

(It's been a while since I had the drafts drawn, so Wangwang's ears are drawn in the wrong spot in the portions of the flashback that I drew recently.

I'll fix it when I have time.)

Despite being a flashback portion,

there will be a lot of ties to the story that's coming,

one quite important to the key people of the Lo Po Bia family, so I hope you enjoy them.

​I talked a lot about the work for one of my newer posts. I'm thankful you always read my work and cheer me on.

I will work hard and come back next week.

I hope you have a happy and healthy week.

Thank you ^^


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CH# 526
CH# 528
SIU Blog Post Translation Chapter 527

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