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SIU Blog Post Translation Chapter 526

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It's Monday again ^^

My weekend was quite hectic and I had a hard time controlling my condition, so I didn't make a separate doodle.

This is just part of an autograph I did last month for an event.

I wish I had a better picture, but since I took them so lazily, this was the best one I had.

When I give a signature, I try to not give just my name but a doodle as well.

My signature isn't really much of anything, and I'm not that big of a person either, so rather than give the three letters of my name, I think giving them a custom doodle is a better present in my opinion.

I'm not exactly an amazing livedrawer, but I think the charm of an autograph doodle is having it be drawn quick, even if it's a bit off, so I don't really make any preparations or a sketch before drawing it and giving it.

However, it does result in "what the heck is this" kinda doodles sometimes hehe.

I try to draw it quickly thinking that I'm facing you as I draw this.

​Before COVID, I was able to give my readers autographs face to face, but since COVID, that hasn't happened as much, and that's unfortunately.

I don't normally enjoy events, and I don't usually go to these unless I'm invited, but still hehe.

I hope that there is a time when I can see you guys in person when I'm giving an autograph.

I thought the weather was warming up, but it's getting cold again.

My readers, please dress warmly when you go out, and I hope you stay well this week.

I hope you have a good week, and I'll see you next week.

Thank you ^^


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CH# 525
CH# 527
SIU Blog Post Translation Chapter 526

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